Impeccable Timing: Josh’s Royal Oak

15202 dial

Is one of the first things you notice about people the watch on their wrist? Do you get as excited for a new episode of HODINKEE’s “Talking Watches” as you do about a three-day weekend? These are some telltale symptoms of “watch fever.” And believe me…once diagnosed with a case, it’s impossible to shake it.

Josh — better known as @horologyandtechnology — was bitten by the “watch bug” only a few years ago, but the strain he caught is severe and extremely contagious: His fascination with all things related to horology has spread to over 25,000 followers on Instagram. Josh is very-active on the watch scene, including being a card-carrying member of New York City’s @redbarcrew, a regular at The Horological Society of NY, not to mention the newest ambassador for @everestbands…there’s no way to quarantine him!

Josh never tires of talking about watches, trying them on, and – of course – snapping pictures of them every chance he gets. It certainly works in his favor that his fiancée – @thelovedfiancee – has a thing for watches too and that their backyard is the city that never sleeps. With New York City being an epicenter of the watch world, there’s a boutique or auction house on practically every block where Josh can get a fix. The #watchfam is thankful to Josh for letting us tag along and live vicariously through him. Watch Patina especially appreciates him sharing the story behind one of his favorite timepieces: His Audemars Piguet 40th Anniversary Royal Oak Ultra Thin.

15202 crown up

Josh’s first exposure to Audemars Piguet was through the hip hop lyrics he bobbed his head to while commuting through NYC. Josh is a “huge fan of rap music” and credits his initiation to Audemars Piguet to lyrics by a number of rappers. Some that immediately come to his mind are Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross:  “Audemars on my wrist, bustdown—we poppin’ bottles like I scored the winnin’ touchdown,” Pusha T:  “That’s a whole ‘notha bezel, the carbon Audemars, that’s a whole ‘notha metal,” and Jay Z:  “I’m so tomorrow the Audemars says yesterday.”

15202 AP

In addition to being celebrated in rap songs, the Audemars Piguet brand is prized in the watch collecting community. Josh gives props to three fellow Red Bar Crew watch aficianados for nudging him in the direction of AP: @billfactor, who owns an excellent, all original, A-Series ref. 5402, @kmcgivney with her limited edition Royal Oak military model, and – last, but certainly not least – @craniotes tempted him with a Carbon Audemars Piguet Off-Shore and an earlier ref. 15202 Royal Oak. With this kind of peer pressure, no wonder a Royal Oak made it on Josh’s bucket list of watches to own.

“Consolidating,” “diversifying,” and “Grail” were all buzz words being thrown around in watch collector conversations Josh was privy to. An admittedly “impatient” person, Josh chose to experience all three concepts – in one fell swoop – by trading four watches plus some cash to acquire his first haute horology piece: The 40th Anniversary Royal Oak – practically a dead-ringer for the classic 1972 version.

Earlier this year, while attending Baselworld, Josh scored an invite to the Audemars Piguet manufacturing facility in Le Brassus, Switzerland. While visiting one of the workshops, he actually met the woman who worked on the ref. 15202 line (possibly even his!?). Seeing firsthand the passion of the watchmakers and their attention to detail crafting every piece made him appreciate his AP even more.

15202 mov't

By now you’re probably asking yourself: ”So where does the technology in @horologyandtechnology come in?” Good question. When Josh created his account, his intention was for the other half of his Instagram handle to tie into his day job as an IT executive. He planned to post about industry news and notes – breakthroughs by computers and the Internet. However, Instagram was more fun to use as a way to perfect his #wristi and connect with the #watchfam.

Scanning Josh’s nearly 1800 posts, one could make a case that  “technology” has actually been present on his feed all along – just not in the traditional sense.  Instead, “technology” means innovations behind clocks and watches. Josh’s photos and captions remind us daily that “technology” has been a part of timepieces since the dawn of time. From ancient sundials to the flying tourbillon, quartz watches, and now the Apple watch. The name @horologyandtechnology has come full-circle! Sort of…


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a recent gesture by Josh for his Dad, who happens to be his best friend and best man in his upcoming wedding. His Dad is a plastic injection mold maker and engineer, which inspired Josh’s interest in mechanics and subsequently technology. On a recent father/son trip through Europe, Josh surprised him with an early groomsman gift: A Rolex no-date Sub-C. Josh knew his Dad would get a kick out of it because he’s a big fan of James Bond flicks. But more importantly, Josh got it for him as a way to say thanks for passing down an interest in mechanics to him at a young age, which evolved into a passion for horology today.

Since this story was posted, Josh’s co-authored write-up on his visit to Audemars Piguet has been published in IW Magazine.  

Also, Josh is a contributing editor for Professional Watches – an online resource for all things mechanical watches-related. Read his year-on-the-wrist review of the couple’s Patek Philippe Nautilus and find out their top picks from the upcoming Geneva auctions

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2 thoughts on “Impeccable Timing: Josh’s Royal Oak

  1. Love it….Josh seems to be a cool guy with incredible taste for watches. Enjoy his feed very much.

    Great job.


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