Finders Keepers: Christian’s Blue Pie-Pan 1601

“Finders Keepers” is all about showing you a side of watch dealers you rarely see: The watches they aren’t trying to sell you. Those special timepieces they’ve come across that have a sentimental value far exceeding their market value.

T&H 1601 sideTheo & Harris search high and low to bring you vintage watches with an air of sophistication minus the posh price tag.  If you haven’t heard of Theo & Harris – it’s my pleasure to introduce you to them. If you are familiar with them, you’ll appreciate their watches even more after reading about the watch behind the company: Founder Christian Zeron’s 1977 Rolex Datejust.

Christian’s a high-energy guy with a single-minded goal of hooking you up with a cool looking watch. The story of his first #incoming traces back to the day he was in a Club Monaco window-shopping a Rolex Pop-Up shop. His Mom was with him that day, and she watched over Christian’s shoulder as he schooled the salespeople with his knowledge of old watches. She was impressed. After they left the store she said to Christian “Why don’t you have one…”

This would be a big spend for Christian. He confessed that he gets anxious buying a pair of eyeglasses, let alone a several thousand dollar Rolex. So even though he had his Mom’s blessing, he still needed to convince himself. Long story short, he rationalized the purchase. But before hitting up a jeweler, he had one last person to bring on board…his Dad. Like any good parent, his Dad was hesitant to green light his teenage son buying and wearing a Rolex. Would wearing a Rolex go to Christian’s head and change his down-to-earth personality? After a few talks at the dinner table, his Dad warmed up to the idea.

So why a ’77 Datejust? Besides telling me it was the year Elvis died, Christian mentioned people stereotyping it as an “old man” watch and that the first owner probably wore it exclusively on a jubilee bracelet. Christian likes the idea of breathing new life into it…

Theo & Harris has found new homes for over 150 vintage watches since launching this past February. Christian likes to point out to his Dad that if he didn’t buy this Datejust there’d probably be no Theo & Harris – and Christian wouldn’t be as happy as he is today. That’s why despite being in the business of selling watches, this Datejust doesn’t have a price tag…it’s simply NOT FOR SALE.

Be sure to visit for the lowdown on the company, including their charity work in NYC. Also, follow Theo & Harris on Instagram @theoandharris for the latest new arrivals and their “wristwatch-ing” observations.

T&H 1601 macro

One thought on “Finders Keepers: Christian’s Blue Pie-Pan 1601

  1. This shows me that i really need a vintage Datejust or Date to wear with suit…Great read Nick, congrats once again!


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