Finders Keepers: Andrew’s No-Date Sub

“Finders Keepers” is all about showing you a side of watch dealers you rarely see: The watches they aren’t trying to sell you. Those special timepieces they’ve come across that have a sentimental value far exceeding their market value.

Andrew 14060

Thanks to all of us watch nuts, the profession of watch dealer has become a viable and lucrative career path. For example, take Andrew Cohen, head honcho at afcwatches. Andrew just graduated college and instead of submitting countless resumes and cover letters, to win a cozy seat inside a cubicle, he went the entrepreneurial route; turning his hobby of flipping watches into a full-time gig. For a little over two years Andrew’s been listing and selling watches on the forums and on Instagram. He’s a no BS kind of guy who regularly stocks the usual suspects of Rolex sport models, both pre-owned and brand-new. If you’re looking for a No-Date Submariner, definitely hit up Andrew, he just might have one – and probably for the best price in town. Just don’t expect him to sell you this super-crisp example off his right wrist…

What could be so special about a run-of-the-mill Submariner? It’s not the watch per se, but rather the story that goes along with it, which makes it a “keeper” for Andrew. This ref. 14060M fell into his lap while working at a car dealership during a summer break in college. Back then, he couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting his first Rolex – and it had to be a Sub. A coworker caught wind of his fixation and told Andrew that he just so happened to know someone looking to sell a Submariner… This person received it as a sales award, but preferred cash in hand to a Rolex on his wrist.

Andrew was interested. He studied the price range Subs like this one trade within. His offer was somewhere in the middle: Absolutely fair, but not too much that he couldn’t easily recoup his investment – or make a profit – should he have a change of heart. Fat chance of that happening; Andrew was immediately hooked. He told me “he couldn’t have enjoyed it more.” “It” being the Sub and the thrill of making the deal.

No amount of money is enough to buy Andrew’s ref. 14060M Sub; this watch is staying put. The experience of buying it turned him onto the business and led to his first flip, and subsequently many more…

In an industry where you can easily become jaded handling Daytonas, Pateks, and APs on the regular, keeping this Sub keeps Andrew humble and focused on his number one goal: “to see you in the right watch.” Wearing it reminds him to make sure you feel just as “off the hook” and “ecstatic” with your purchase from him as he felt when he bought his Sub. For these reasons it’s NOT FOR SALE.

Andrew has a website in the works… For now, follow him on Instagram @afcwatches for new arrivals.

Andrew 14060M

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