My Winter Watch: Rolex Explorer II



Way before Instagram served as inspiration to us watch enthusiasts, watch advertising – in magazines – did the job capturing would-be buyers attention. Which brings me to the number one reason I’ve officially decided to reserve my Explorer for chilly days: I’m a purist at heart.

Ads for the reference 16570 Explorer II almost always include images of legendary mountain men and award-winning scientists in their natural habitat: battling whiteout conditions on frozen tundras and icy precipices. I mean, the “Polar” Explorer didn’t get its nickname based on its white dial alone… For me, it just wouldn’t feel right wearing an Explorer II with a Hawaiian shirt in sweltering heat (exception being the current reference 216570 with black dial and orange arrow-tipped hand).


Even after presenting my case for wearing my Explorer only in cold temps, you still may not get my decision. So here’s another reason, which I didn’t realize until I actually stopped wearing it for an extended period of time. The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is so true when it comes to watches. After keeping my Explorer buried in a drawer all summer long, bringing it back out was like getting a new watch. And we all know how a new watch in the rotation makes us feel…

4 thoughts on “My Winter Watch: Rolex Explorer II

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how well a W.I.S. can rationalize how/when to wear a given watch.
    You sir, have taken the process to new levels, and I am jealous!
    Be safe!


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