This blog is about people’s relationship with their watches. All walks of life are represented: from collectors with Instagram accounts to the average Joe or Jane we come across ‘in the wild.’ Each post tells a person’s take on their watch: The story could be about a personal meaning the watch has or the role it played in making someone come to appreciate and love watches. No matter the person’s age, background, or means, the common thread among everyone sharing their story is an attachment to a particular watch. The hope with this project is to show the strength of that bond and how a watch can go from being an inanimate object to a treasured heirloom – and everything in between.

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  1. Love the initiative you took and I will surely be reading all of these stories. Being a relative newbie to the world of luxury watches I still have to learn a lot. My all time favorite brand has always been Patek Philippe but about a year ago I finally made it to the Rolex level of which I actually own 3 now. Keep up the good work! You can find me at IG under @watchporsche


  2. Hello everyone,

    we are a group of master students in International Business from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW in Switzerland.
    We are conducting a research project to gain knowledge about why luxury watches are not being sold online by the most representative luxury watch companies.

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  3. Long time lover and obsessed with watches…..I’m so old I remember going to the library looking for books, I have dabbled in collecting and repair for 30 years….started out when my parents gave me a Longines pocket watch in 1975…from then I have been hooked……


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