MeNick Federowicz – Founder/Editor

I’ve been fascinated with watches since my days as a middle school student. During my high school years, I wasn’t too concerned with spring breaks or class proms.  I spent my days and nights working at a grocery store, saving my paychecks with the goal to buy a Rolex. In 1998, on a class trip to Paris, I did just that.

My love for watches prevails to this day. It would be an understatement to say I eat, sleep, and breathe watches. A number of outlets give me my daily fix of watches: social media, internet, books, and boutiques to name just a few. When I get a chance to talk about watches I feel in my element and never want the discussion to end. I truly love sharing what I know about watches and learning about what I don’t…For this reason, my number one all-time favorite way to enjoy watches is talking one-on-one with people about their watches.

Currently I live in a big city in the Midwest and have a job dealing with the public. Every week my watch-radar instinctively zeroes-in on the wrists of people I come across. When I catch a glimpse of a great watch I’m not shy about complimenting said watch and engaging the owner.

When these chance encounters end, I always feel a renewed energy for watch collecting. Usually the watch in question is a rare example or the owner has such an interesting story that I’m dying to share the conversation. Although my coworkers know I love watches, they’re not the ideal audience to fully appreciate a word-for-word recounting of the exchange. Thankfully my wife is all ears at the dinner table when I get home.

Now because I’ve chosen to embark on this blog about people and their watches, she’ll be comforted knowing others out there are hearing (i.e., reading) the same juicy details…

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Andrew Lim – Contributing Editor

When Andrew’s not jet-setting to a business meeting halfway across the world, he’s home in Chicago balancing work, spending time with his fiancée, and studying up on watches. Before turning in each night, he enjoys a night cap of scotch and light reading through watch catalogs from the likes of A. Lange & Söhne, H. Moser, Patek Philippe, and Panerai. When Andrew’s traveling internationally for a consulting gig, he makes it a point to get his daily dose of fine timepieces by hitting up boutiques and cajoling salespeople to let him try on the latest haute horlogerie masterpieces. His watch literature and visits to authorized dealers around the globe, help him to refine his personal grail list, which he keeps saved on an Excel spreadsheet on his desktop along with his work files.

To check out Andrew’s collection and accompany him on his one-man boutique invasions, follow him on Instagram @ajwlim.

Rob Staky – Contributing Editor

Rob has put a lot of effort into building his vintage watch collection – a “Talking Watches”-type collection if you ask us… Just go and check out his Instagram account @bazamu and you’ll see what we mean. But, for as much hunting and gathering Rob has done over the past few years, he’ll also tell you he’s gotten lucky a time or two. (of course luck favors the well-prepared…) Similar to Rob, we at Watch Patina like to think that we’ve busted our butts over the past year and a half – and experienced some good fortune resulting from our hard work: Like when we met Rob last year at a @redbarchicago GTG and immediately hit it off – and now he’s a contributor.

What we appreciate most about Rob is not his watches – although they’re f’n amazing. We appreciate his methods and standards for sourcing watches. Namely, being diligent about purchasing primarily from non-WIS folks – usually original owners. Not only does that mean his watches are typically fresh-to-market and super-honest, but it also means his watches come with cool stories told to him by the people who originally bought and/or cared for the watch. Since it’s no secret Watch Patina loves to hear and share a good watch story, we wish Rob continued success – and hope he writes more for us about his incredible finds!

Be sure to read Rob debate Nick – Two-Person Round Table: Auction Antics

Pete aka wispete – Contributing Editor

Pete is not only a full-time graduate student, but he’s also a part-time student of horology. In a short span of time, Pete’s become a star pupil among his cohorts. And while his family and his grad school responsibilities come first, rest assured he never passes up a chance to be around watches when he finds himself with free time on his hands. He’s received praise from the watch community for his timepiece reviews, which he publishes on Timezone. Of late, Pete’s taken up watch photography as another way to express his fondness for watches.

To stay current with Pete’s work as a watch journalist and to see the watches he encounters – along with his own personal collection – follow him on Instagram @wispete.

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