Travel Essential: Oak & Oscar Sandford

On an early bird Amtrak train from Washington, DC to New York I sat across from Chase and chatted with him about the newest member of the Oak & Oscar family – the Sandford. As we sipped lukewarm McDonald’s coffee and watched landscapes and cityscapes whiz by, Chase opened up to me about the journey he’s been on and the dream he’s living right now.

American Made: Thomas of Crown & Buckle

Thomas Lathrop, founder of Crown & Buckle, has played a major role in ushering in the NATO revolution. This is the story behind Crown & Buckle; how the idea came about, how the company got off the ground, and how Thomas’ effort – with the support of his family, friends, and the watch community – has made Crown & Buckle the industry standard.

Strength in #s: Mike’s NATO

Usually features stories behind watches. This time around the story is about a strap. Specifically, that pink-striped NATO strap you’ve been seeing everywhere on Instagram – and for good reason: 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But just as important as raising money to find a cure, by…