Salvaged Diver: Matt’s Doxa T. Graph

When he finally dredged the Doxa from the heap, it was clearly a pearl of a watch, appearing to be totally honest. It looked exactly how an almost 50-year-old dive watch is supposed to look: a marked-up case, chewed up bezel, heavily scratched crystal and a bit of wabi-sabi on the hands.

Orange Crush: James’ DOXA

You may not know the name James Lamdin, but I’ll bet you’ve heard of the company he founded: analog/shift. Chances are you’re one of the almost 60K followers of @analogshift on Instagram. Their eclectic mix of fresh-to-market watches offer something for everyone: From off-the-beaten-path, funky 70s chronographs and bygone-era dress timepieces to always-popular Speedys and grail Rolex Sport models.…