Reef’s ’63 Rolex Le Mans

If it hasn’t already sunk in, it will soon, that Reef’s Rolex is a special one. And for me, its incredibleness goes beyond the fact that it’s the first Daytona. It’s the story behind how it was found, and how Reef came to own it, that make this Cosmograph extra sweet…

My Winter Watch: Rolex Explorer II

Earlier this year I made the decision to only wear my Explorer II during the wintertime. Never once throughout the spring or summer did I get the urge to wind it, set the time (and date) and sport it out the house. Only now – at the end of October – am I ready to slip it back on…

An Honest Watch: Jenn’s Dad’s GMT

When Jenn told me she had her dad’s GMT I immediately picked up on her affection for it. And not because it has a sun bleached, naturally faded “Pepsi” insert. She’s fond of it because it’s a part of her dad, the most important man in the world to her, who passed away six years ago.

Dream Daytonas – Then and Now 

When one of your friends is nice enough to hand over the keys to his new stainless and ceramic Daytona, you jump at the chance to take it out for a test drive. And where does one go with arguably the most enviable Daytona of the moment on his wrist? How about to a friend’s apartment who has a mint condition vintage Daytona parked in his garage…

Like Father, Like Daughter…

Being new to watches, especially wearing a substantial men’s watch, Darcy’s first impression was that “wearing a watch is a funny thing, it’s such a commitment, it’s such a serious piece of equipment and with the cellphones a lot of people just don’t want to wear watches anymore.”

Two-Person Round Table: Auction Antics

I have no interest whatsoever looking at the catalogues put out by auction houses leading up to their high-profile timepieces sales. And I don’t find the bidding wars or eventual hammer prices for said watches amusing. In fact, when I see a post on Instagram related to a watch on the block, I usually scroll right past it…

Photo Report: RedBar Chicago

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for reminiscing and documenting backstories. The pictures in this post do just that. They were taken by various members of the Commonwealth Crew over the past (almost) two years. Some were shot with cameras, but most with just a cameraphone. But what they all have in common is they were all shot in the presence of friends and all “for the love of Horology.”

Risk/Reward of Buying a Tiffany Daytona

“I had never spent that much before and didn’t know the nuances of the model. Plus, this being a Tiffany Daytona – for $7K – reeked of being “too good to be true.” I mean you can’t even get a modern Daytona for that price. I went in highly suspicious – my fugazi/frankenwatch antennae were on high alert…”

Desk Diving: Joe’s Tudor Lollipop 

This was Joe’s first suit and tie job, so he went out and bought a whole new wardrobe. He shared his new opportunity with his Mom – who felt her son needed a watch to complete his “dress for success” look. So she decided to give Joe his dad’s Tudor, which she had kept in safety deposit box for over a decade…

Midas Touch: Dick’s 18 ct Gold Sub

“I wanted a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Chronometer that was made from my own gold: gold that I scratched from Mother Earth with my own two hands. A one and only – a special special – a Dick Anderson model, if you will.”

Fashionably Late: Marcus and His Panerai Sub

Most people cut back on Starbucks to save up for something they want. For Marcus, it wasn’t lattes that were the problem, it was all those designer labels he thought he couldn’t live without. Time and time again he bought clothes as a way of compensating – subconsciously – for the missing watch in his wardrobe…

Search and Rescue: John’s 5513 Sub

Before John left the U.S. Coast Guard and entered civilian life, his final assignment was as a duty officer, standing 12-hour shifts at the Coast Guard Rescue Center in Long Beach, CA. He wore his Submariner daily until the band broke sometime in early 1975. At that point John said he “tossed it into a desk drawer, where it remained for the next 36 years…”

Gift of a Lifetime: Andrew’s Vintage Sub

“I’d love nothing more than to pass it on to you…” Edwin’s words took Andrew completely by surprise; the two had only known each other for a short time – they belonged to the same church – and after all, they had only talked about watches once… So it might seem strange – or rather, the stuff watch dreams are made of – that Andrew, all of a sudden, came to inherit this watch…

Winning Bid: Leslie Hindman Fine Timepieces

Over the past three years Leslie Hindman has grown the fine timepieces arm of their business by separating watches from their jewelry sales. Traditionally they hold two Fine Timepiece auctions a year. The response to timepieces-only auctions, from both existing and new clients, has been overwhelming. So much so that this year they’re having a third sale, which is happening next week, on Monday December 7th.

Stamp of Approval: Andrew’s Serpico Y Laino

In 1966, Serpico Y Laino, a family jeweler considered the “Tiffany & Co.” of Venezuela, closed up shop; the final straw being kidnapping attempts on members of their family and a bomb detonating at one of their store locations. Click-through to read how this ref. 1601 Datejust made it out unscathed and eventually onto Andrew’s wrist…